Rokua Skincare - Nordic Organic For Men

ROKUA Skincare products are manufactured for men, under strict and high quality standards in the Nordics. Our natural and highly active ingredients such as black currant seed oil are from Nordic nature and formulated from the highest quality domestically-sourced. 


Skincare develops and manufactures products that meet the consumers needs and build an interactive, responsible and appealing brand designed to create well-being for consumers and to take care of the environment with responsible and ecological choices and practices. 1% of ROKUA Skincare turnover is donated to our environment. In 2019 our partner is WWF, with whom ROKUA Skincare works to protect the Baltic Sea.


FI-Natura is a Finnish non-profit organization that certifies Finnish natural cosmetics. The certificate helps customers to recognize a true natural cosmetic product that has not been animal tested. Additionally, it is a sign of Finnish work and origin. FI-Natura recognizes the purity and richness of the Finnish nature. It´s aim is to promote the use and respect of wild and cultivated Finnish plant materials in cosmetics. The goal is to improve the identifiability of Finnish natural cosmetics and help customers to tell the difference between true natural cosmetics and greenwashed products. The manufacturing process of genuine natural cosmetics pays special attention to the environmental impact and the origin of raw materials and packaging materials. Natural cosmetics is a choice of an environmentally aware customer. Its clean and natural ingredients support the skin’s wellbeing.

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Rokua Face Wash 100ml

1 l = 290,00 €

Rokua Beard Oil 30ml

1 l = 1 300,00 €

Rokua Face Moisturizer 50ml

1 l = 1 098,00 €